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K-NETZ offers the world's newest and most innovative solutions.

Digital Signal Processing Technology

K-NETZ owns the “World Best” Digital Signal Processing Technology and relevant know-how, and provide the unique core technology of Digital Signal Processing for the Broad Band such as LTE and 5G, or narrow burst channel.

Co-channel Interference Cancellation
Multi-Frequency Inter modulation Processing
SMART Beam Forming Signal Processing
PIMD Measurement
SMART Beam forming Signal Generator
Jammer System Digital Signal Generator

Moblie communication System

We have solution for various types of mobile communication, and also provide efficient and stable resource management for the Single Mode Access Network, as well as the Multi-mode Access Network through Antenna.

WCDMA, LTE, 5G (FDD, TDD) Digital Repeater
Broadband (up to 100MHz) ICS Digital Repeater - Indoor/ Outdoor(Small, Medium, High Power) Solution
- Remote Auto Tilting Technology
- Embedded Antenna (Multi-band)
Heterogeneous Mobile Network Equalize using Digital Signal Processing
Multi-band DAS System (MIMO Support)
SMART Antenna Beam forming Technology

Anti-Drone System Solution

K-NETZ has its own Digital Jamming Signal Generator and provides the system that can cope effectively with Long Distance Jamming, Frequency Hopping, friendly signal protection technology, and provide UI for efficient operation.

Anti-drone Jamming System
VIP, Major Facility Protection Jamming System
SMART Digital Jammer System
- Potable, Land Station, Vehicle Type Wireless Channel, GPS, WCDMA, LTE, WiFi Jamming
- Small, Medium, Macro Area

Enterprise Solution

We provide Antenna Beam forming Solution, which is considered as an essential element of 5G, and new material solution for effective heat dissipation by EMS, high-capacity and high-speed processing.

SMART Antenna Beam forming Technology
- 5G Antenna Beam forming
- Antenna Remote Electrical Tilting
EMS (Equipment Management System)
- SMART Phone Application
High Efficiency Mechanical Design
- New Materials Heat-sink Design